One month before all hell broke lose in South Sudan, I flew into Malakal with a small team of potential investors. After receiving a special designation from the South Sudanese government, I was one of a few Westerners allowed to take photos and videos while in the country. After ten days of documenting phenomenal projects, through video and photography work, I returned home to Zambia to create promotional materials in web, print, and video formats. Within three weeks, war returned to South Sudan, and many of the projects I documented were burned to the ground. But the evidence of hope was there, in photos, in videos, in print. And as we moved forward, people decided to invest in the future of the South Sudanese people; my materials were part of this decision. This is the power of good design and effective communication.

I believe that good design can change the world, connect communities, and bring life and vibrancy to corporations and cultures. From my work in an artist’s studio, to my role as Senior Designer on websites and magazines, to serving as a Media Specialist in Africa, I have been able to bring people together, promote important projects, and inspire confidence, through effective and vibrant design. I was promoted from Staff Designer to Senior Designer through a recognition of my skills, and I am excited to see what is next.
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